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If you have a product or a service and need a brand, an identity, we have an effective and cost efficient solution. Using Branduu you can dress and tailor your brand in a way that’s fit for your business. Branduu is a solution that creates a platform that gives businesses a wide range of brand concepts to choose from.

Each brand solution consists of a full brand presentation (visualisation of products, packaging, labels, website, advertising materials, catalogue – everything that the author of the project deems necessary).

Customers get all the graphic files necessary, which can be easily edited to offer a complete bespoke solution. The files are professionally prepared for print, web and other media and are available in all formats. Coupled with the graphic files, the buyer has a URL (.com or other) that works with the overall brand solution.

You can simply choose the design of the brand that works best for you – and so you know upfront exactly what you’re paying for.

We don’t just give you a name and a logo, we offer the complete package: Logo, Label design, packaging, icons&animations, app&web design – and much more. What’s important, we offer flexibility in terms of design, look and feel, so you can customize the selected project to your unique needs.